SC-2 (Original)

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Product Status - The original SC-2 finished production in 2019 but are still supported.  Check back here in the future for used and reconditioned units with a factory warranty on reconditioned units.

SC-2 units will also be able to be returned to the factory for upgrade to add SVNR software for $500 charge.  Please email for more information.

Line-in/line-out two channel real-time recording and click and pop removal component for vinyl LPs.

The SC-2's flawless Click and Pop removal process benefits from the latest algorithm updates with version 2.0 software including SweetVinyl’s Track Splitting and Metadata Tagging Software.The iOS and Android apps and web interface provide remote control of Click and Pop removal and Analog Bypass, Advanced track splitting and metadata functions work in a web browser. The SC-2 has a front panel USB 3.0 Port for transferring digital recordings of your favorite LPs.The soundstage is virtually indistinguishable when engaged or in Analog Bypass.The SC-2 provides hours of enjoyment from previously unplayable vinyl records in any collection, while creating digital copies in virtually any format.

Front Panel: Headphone Jack with Volume and Mute, Bypass Mode, Click and Pop Algorithm Engage and Disengage, Click and Pop Monitoring, Algorithm Threshold Control.

Rear Panel: Audiophile Grade RCA Left/Right Input and Output, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, Two USB 2.0 B Ports, Power and On/Off Switch. Internal A/D and D/A – 192k/24bit. Includes WiFi USB adaptor and iOS/Android mobile apps for control.


  • Integrated real-time, non-destructive, digital click and pop noise algorithm
  • Bypass mode to disengage digital processing with audiophile grade relay
  • Built-in 192/24 bit Hi-Res ADC and DAC
  • Ethernet and USB digital interfaces for local network and internet connectivity
  • WiFi USB module included
  • Front Display indicates click and pop removal strength and unit status
  • Buttons engage click and pop removal and monitor of removed noise
  • Supports virtually any external phono stage
  • Includes iOS and Android mobile apps for remote control option


  • Listen to vinyl LPs without distracting clicks and pops
  • Remove clicks and pops without degrading musical content
  • Installs in virtually any configuration of components with RCA interconnects
  • Easily bypass digital processing when pure analog listening is preferred
  • Hi-Res digital processing provides warmth and detail of analog without unwanted noise.
  • Software updates via
  • Connect to SweetVinyl mobile app and other audio devices on home network
  • Operates with manual front panels or smartphone remote control

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