SugarCube App for iPhone/iPad and Android

SugarCube App: control screens

  • Control the digital recording including format and sample rate
  • View and scrub start and end of tracks
  • Playback recordings from attached USB storage
  • Lossless audiophile formats: FLAC, WAV, ALAC & AIFF
  • Adjust the headphone level & mute
  • Easily control the click & pop algorithm functions remotely
  • Listen to the cleaned music, the raw input, or just the clicks
  • Adjust input volumes and left/right balance

SugarCube App: Metadata Screens

  • Display currently playing artist, song, album
  • SweetVinyl connection determines vinyl LP album
  • LP metadata includes track names, duration and catalog number and artwork
  • Automatically tags metadata to individual files as recording
  • Displays track splits, and allows easy adjustment
  • and many more useful remote functions

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